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Meet Our HRHS Gold Crown Coaches and Director of HRHS Gold Crown Coaches

  • 8th Grade Silver Team and 8th Grade Gold Team, Coaches TBA at tryout
  • 7th Grade Silver and Gold Teams, Coach TBA & Coach Bob H. 
  • 6th Grade Gold Team, Coach Bob W. & Tim, and 6th Grade Silver Team,  TBA.
  • 5th Grade Silver Team, Coach Mike and 5th Grade Gold Team, Coach Grout.

Coaches THANK YOU for your dedication to our student-athletes and supporting our GC basketball program!

Mike Gibbs, Director of GC Coaches and HRHS Head Basketball Coach

Our Approach

You could also call this heading “Our Philosophy.”

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  • Work Ethic – Success is driven by how hard you train both mentally and physically. All student – athletes will understand the value of PROPER training through hard work, self-discipline and motivation. We believe that winning is a byproduct of hard work and training, however at this level winning is not always the most important thing. Gaining playing experience and improving your child’s skill sets are vital.
  • Enthusiasm/Fun – Everything Highlands Ranch Gold Crown Program teaches always has an element of fun and competitive enthusiasm. We want our student – athletes and parents to enjoy their experience. Players will be invited to participate on a team based upon common measurements include attitude, skill set, work ethic, teamwork, attendance at practice, and overall williness to play hard. While we seek to include as many players as possible, this does not mean that playing time is equal at the 7th grade level and above.
  • Building Student-Athletes Confidence – Mike Gibbs, HRHS Head Varsity Coach and his Gold Crown Coaching Staff are devoted to teaching our athletes how to compete at a high level. We will focus on developing the required skills so each athlete has the potential to play at the varsity level in the future.

Go Ranch!